Lions Funds available for community projects

Community Projects

The Forest of Dean Lions club has  £5000 plus  available to groups including schools who would like to run a community project.

Once the groups have submitted their proposals, the Lions and a representative of the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Review will pick what is thought to be the best projects. These projects will be displayed in the Review with details on how the readers can vote for their favourite.

Information for groups submitting projects.

The aim of the community projects is to mirror the ideas of Lions: of serving the community and to show groups the value and pleasure of being involved in helping others.

The following points should help you through the process.

Decide on your project (by March 9th)

  • Groups must consist of at least 3 people.
  • Groups can propose a local community project of their choice.
  • Groups should not be involved with the people they are helping.
  • If you wish to discuss the suitability of your project please contact us
  • Please contact us by email only.

What you need to consider to put in your initial suggestion.

The aims of the funding is to enable groups to carry out a project that would bring a benefit to the local community. This may be to an individual, group or the environment.

There is no limit on the funds allocated but the project must be costed and realistically  priced.

We do not wish to suggest projects as we are hoping that groups will come up with projects that they know are needed. This may be a long standing issue or an new original idea.

It should consist of an element where the group has a physical input to bring the project to completion.

Example Projects

See examples of projects submitted on this page.

Below we have given ideas of projects that are not suitable.   This is to help you with your thoughts. Because there is no physical input by the group they are not suitable

1 Ordering a coach to take disabled children on a trip. —-not suitable.
2 Buying seeds or plants and paying a gardener to plant them in a public park – not suitable.
3 Buying food to give to a food bank —not suitable.
4 Buying shirts for a sports club —not suitable.

Please email us with the suggestion for your project.

Send us your completed proposal (by Friday 9th March)

  • When you have confirmation that your project is suitable, your group will need to write a proposal to the lions outlining the project, why it is needed and how much it will cost. How you intend to achieve your aims with itemised costings and drawings and full plans of the way the project will be carried out.
    We will provide a proforma so that groups are given set things to include. This should  make it easier to judge.
  • There is no set amount allocated by the Lions, that way we can assess and support as many projects as possible.

Project Assessment and Voting

  • Projects will be assessed by a panel made up of Lions  and a member of the Review staff.
  • The best projects will be published in the Review with details on how Review readers can vote for their favourite.

Project funding

  • Together with these votes the Lions and a representative of the Review will pick those to be awarded a donation to complete their project.
  • The projects should be completed by the end of June.

Presentation Evening

  • There will be a presentation evening where winners will be announced. Winners will then be published in the Review and on completion of the work the Review will publish an article on some of the finished projects.
  • We hope that these proposals will give groups an idea of how the Lions  proceed with a project as well as give groups expertise in project management and the pleasure of helping others.